AFE – Agriculture and Food Economics

The mission of the AFE Journal is to publish creative and scholarly researches in agricultural and food economics and related areas, promoting the development of evidence based scientific knowledge and the dissemination of the results. Published articles should be original, rigorous, down-to-earth and problem-oriented researches. Papers should focus on the discussion of innovative results for the agri-food system and relevant policy and managerial implications. Theoretical and methodological papers should be accessible to the journal different international readers. Qualitative researches and meta-analyses are welcome if they comply with the journal rigorous standards.

Topics of specific interest of the AFE include agricultural and food market analysis, agri-food firm management and marketing, organization of the agri-food chains, consumer behaviour, food quality and safety issues, economics of nutrition and food security, food and health economics, agri-food policy and trade, sustainable rural development, natural and marine resource economics, land economics.

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